The 2008 housing crisis left this real estate broker unemployed. Now she makes more than $100,000 as a trucker during the coronavirus pandemic

Essential jobs take many forms.

When it comes to transporting goods, about 15.5 million trucks are operating in the U.S. moving vital freight across the country.

And every truck needs a driver.

Eight years ago, April Coolidge — then in her mid-40s — decided to stop selling real estate and start driving a truck. As a single mother, she didn’t want to take out loans to go to college and she needed to start earning money without years of training. 

Coolidge’s father was a truck driver, so she turned to him for advice. Now, she works for Walmart Transportation, where drivers start out making $87,500 a year on average. Since the coronavirus outbreak, Coolidge is working overtime to help keep store shelves stocked. But the pandemic has also presented some unique challenges. 

Check out this video to learn more about Coolidge’s story and how the Covid-19 outbreak has changed her time on the road.  

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