Alexis Ohanian on how to establish a routine: ‘Do a regular audit of your calendar and where you spend your time’

Alexis Ohanian became a millionaire in 2006 after he and his co-founders sold Reddit to Conde Nast.

Now, Ohanian is the founder of venture capital fund Seven Seven Six; has personally invested in many big companies, like soccer digital collectible platform Sorare and plant-based company Impossible Foods; and is a dad to his 3-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia, with his wife, the legendary Serena Williams.

To keep productive, regardless of how much is going on, Ohanian sticks to a routine, and has recommendations for others to do the same.

“Block real time in the day for you to think at whatever time is best for YOU,” Ohanian tweeted on Tuesday, when asked how to establish a routine or flow. “Do a regular audit of your calendar and where you spend your time.”

By doing this, “you find ways to cut time and to preserve time,” Ohanian previously told CNBC Make It. “I’m the kind of person who has 30 tabs open [on my laptop] normally and by having to be really deliberate in the one thing that I’m working on, it makes me be way more effective at doing that task.”

In December 2019, Ohanian tweeted that he used time-tracking app Toggl to help him reflect at the end of each week and adjust his schedule to perform most productively, he said.

Then, after you assess your own calendar, you have to “[t]each people around you to respect your flow state,” Ohanian tweeted on Tuesday.

“It’s dorky af but it really makes a difference for me.”

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Source: CNBC